Know the Risks of Medical Tourism: Is It Worth It?

Know the Risks of Medical Tourism: Is It Worth It?Posted onMarch 10, 2014byRichard ReichEnglish-speaking patients are increasingly traveling to such places as Malaysia, Brazil and Mexico to save anywhere from 30 to 90 percent on medical procedures. The medical tourism market reached $10.9 billion in 2012, and according to projections by Transparency Market Research, it will grow to $32.5 billion annually by 2019.Some experts warn of the risks of traveling for medical procedures, however. Boston plastic surgeon Samuel Lin recalls a woman who had traveled abroad for breast augmentation. She came into his office complaining of discomfort, thinking her silicone implant had ruptured—only to learn a large cloth had been left in her chest.Such cases have some consumers wondering whether the risks of medical tourism are worth it. …

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