Fatigue and returning to normality!

Underlying fatigue sets in after basis exertion, however it does not stop me from getting on with my life while undergoing chemotherapy! I simply stop and have a rest then keep going …. . I have to be careful with my shallow breathing and do stop and rest if need be. Slowly returning to normality. Weds will be day 14 since chemo.When in Washington, April 2014 I was presented with the 2014 Alan Reinstein Award (ADAO Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation) at the annual global asbestos awareness conference for my commitment to education, advocacy and support to countless patients and families around the world. Unfortunately my beautiful crystal teardrop award was broken on the tip in transit. Linda Reinstein, ADAO kindly organised a replacement award to be sent to my home in …

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Ban asbestos! It kills! 5 more sleeps until I fly to Washington for ADAO’s 10th annual Asbestos Conference!

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is proud to announce that Janelle Bedel, Heather Von St James, and Lou Williams will be recognized with the 2014 Alan Reinstein award on April 5, 2014 in Washington, D.C. ADAO is deeply grateful to each of these women for their dedication and commitment to education, advocacy, and support to patients and families around the world.The above picture is of Heather and myself who will be both attending this conference.Sadly our brave and young warrior Janelle lost her battle with mesothelioma. She was a true fighter to the end and dearly loved by all. Her father will attending the conference to receive her well deserved award. Janelle was an inspiration to all – her courage and determination to make a difference will…

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Hey, Wake Up, It’s Brain Awareness Week

Your brain doesn’t come with an instruction manual.The Dana Foundation’s annual Brain Awareness Week (BAW), March 10-16, seems particularly appropriate and useful this time around, after a year in which brain-based disease models of human behaviors came under fire from social scientists and neuroscientists alike.A recent analysis of the coverage of neuroscience in the popular press showed that the number of news articles using the terms “neuroscience” or “neuroscientist” had increased by a factor of 30 between 1985 and 2009. Moreover, the NIH’s massive Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, designed to speed up our understanding of the neural workings of the human brain in the years ahead, is in progress.Brain Awareness Week, which takes place each year during the third week of March, is …

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Lou is coming to Washington for ADAO’s Asbestos Awareness Conference

I am going to Washington! Below is the recent announcement released in a statement by Linda Reinstein, Co-Founder/CEO at Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO)’I am so excited to announce that Lou Williams will be attending the 10th Annual ADAO International Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Asbestos Awareness Conference on April 4 – 6, 2014 in DC!!! ADAO sends our sincere thanks to the Asbestos Safety & Eradication Council for funding Lou’s flight to Washington, DC. Geoff Fary and Peter Tighe. Together, change is happening and I believe in magic!!♥ Ellen TunkelrottLou Williams shared Linda Reinstein’s photo.A big thank you to Linda Reinstein, ADAO and the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Council in Australia for believing in me – I am just so so thrilled to be coming and to …

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Opioid Toolkit in time for Overdose Awareness Day

Saturday was International Overdose Awareness Day, which memorializes those who have died or have sustained a permanent injury resulting from an overdose. In addition, it aims to condole the grief of families and friends of overdose victims while promoting addiction treatment and educating the public that overdoses are preventable. This takes place on August 31st each year and was created by Sally Finn of Melbourne, Australia in 2001. At the time Finn was the manager of a Salvation Army syringe program and saw the need for an outlet for the friends and families of those who had overdosed.This day came just after the White House hosted a media briefing to look at overdose trends in the US and reveal their new “opioid toolkit” that strives to reduce …

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