Will I Have To Pay Back My Medical Insurance

Most automobile accident insurance policies provide med pay. Medpay covers the cost of your medical bills incident to a car accident whether or not you are at fault. The typical medpay provision will cover up to $5,000 of medical bills including ambulance, emergency room, medications, physician billings, chiropractic treatment and medical supplies as long as they are related to your vehicle collision.Most medpay contracts indicate that if you recover monies from the other drivers insurance company for pain and suffering, you must reimburse your own insurance company.As an example, assume that your company, ABC Insurance company pays out $5,000.00 to your medical providers incident to the subject accident. Then, you recover $100,000.00 against the other drivers insurance carrier, DEF, Insurance company. You must reimburse your own company ABC Insurance $5,000.00 out of the $100,000.00 you received from DEF Insurance Company.Is Reimbursement Negotiable?If you are represented by an attorney, they may be able to reduce the $5,000.00 by up to 1/3. Make sure you have a firm agreement with your attorney as to who keeps the savings. The lawyer may try to charge you for negotiating with your own insurance company. Some lawyers will just do this work as a courtesy and let you keep the savings.Are All Medpay Policies The Same?Not all medpay policies are the same. Make sure you read your medpay provision carefully or have your lawyer read it over to make sure you understand your obligations.How Do I Know If My Company Paid My Bills?Make sure you are given proof of payment.What If I Also Have A Workers Compensation Case?If your workers compensation carrier paid for your medical bills and there is a companion personal injury claim arising out of the same incident, the workers compensation carrier may be able to assert a lien against any third party recovery. However, if there is any employer negligence that can be proven, i.e., unsafe working conditions, the workers? …

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