Mesothelioma chemotherapy 10 years same treatment – a nightmare for me!

Today is day 5 since leaving the hospital after heavy doseages of Gemzidabine (gemzar) and Cisplatin. I should be feeling on top of the world!Following religiously the medications after coming home including dex (steroids) and anti nausea meds I have had side effects. Lucikly no nausea thanks to the heavy internal doseages given in hospital as well.Constipation has been my biggest problem – I have tried everything and still no luck, will ring the oncology ward today and also drop into the chemist again. My skin is swollen, my skin is bright red and I feel very bloated! The cisplatin does this to me however I did think that I would have coped by now and been back to normal health! Ha what is normal health living …

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Mesothelioma Staging Systems-How Do You Stage Mesothelioma

Most known cancers have various staging systems which have been developed to aid doctors and physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of individual cases of cancer.Pleural mesothelioma is the only form of mesothelioma that has been successfully staged as it is the commonest type of the disease.There are three different staging systems used to determine the extent of pleural mesothelioma, each one of these three different staging systems measure different aspects of the cancer,including the size of the tumor, the level of spreading{metastases}and the probable involvement of lymph nodes. The stage of mesothelioma at the time of diagnosis determines to a very large extent the type of treatment prescribed by the doctor.Butchart SystemThe Butchart System is the oldest staging system for malignant mesothelioma …

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Mesothelioma Legal Help: Part 1

Mesothelioma Legal Help: Part 1Mesothelioma can be a devastating disease. Typically linked to exposure during uses of asbestos, this rare type of cancer affects the pleural membrane surrounding the lungs or the lining of the abdomen. Asbestos, a naturally occurring fibrous mineral that has been used for thousands of years in a variety of materials, when disturbed, can become airborne and find its way into the mesothelium lining the lungs or stomach. Once there, asbestos can irritate this lining, resulting in the development of cancerous tissue. Because mesothelioma has an unusually long latency period of 10 to 50 years, many of the people who develop mesothelioma were exposed decades prior. Characterized by shortness of breath and a persistent cough, once diagnosed, mesothlioma is typically a rapidly progressing disease.In …

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