It’s Not Just About Supply And Demand For Labor – The ACA Makes Life Better, Increases Choices

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Future Healthcare Expenses Will Not Necessarily Mirror Past Expenses

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The ACA getting the job done, and a great Health Wonk Review

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The Fundamental principle of Life Insurance

The Fundamental principle of Life InsuranceFor empathizing the meaning of insurance first of all one has to interpret the procedure of this insurance. The primary point of this procedure is that insurance policy holders refer to the customers or the individuals who helped the insurance. The insurance premium on the other hand is the sum of money that the policy holder devotes every month or over a certain period hinging upon the contract to the insurance firm. The insurance company functions as the medium where the policy holder pays her/his insurance premium & maintains the advantages intended for the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries stand for the family or specified dependent that will receive the benefit of the policy holder’s life insurance.Having insurance also requires decision-making, like …

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The Disability Divide: Employer Study

The Disability Divide: Employer StudyPosted onJuly 5, 2013byRichard ReichThe Council for Disability Awareness (CDA), recently published The Disability Divide: Employer Study, outlining the gaps between employees’ beliefs – and  those of HR professionals – about the odds, timing and causes of disability and the importance of protecting against it.  While I recommend this study to HR professionals, I think others might find it quite enlightening.The State of Disability in AmericaBefore we take a look at the varying beliefs mentioned above, let’s first take a look at these statistics:More than 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year olds will become disabled before they retire. 1 Ninety-five percent of disabling illnesses and accidents are not work-related and therefore are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance. 2 There were 8.8 million disabled wage …

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Florida Online Health Insurance plan

Florida Online Health Insurance planBuying health insurance on-line in Florida is a simple and desirable proficiency to get the insurance coverage you need. Rather than calling or contacting large numbers of agents, merely you can visit to a website and do a log-in and get further information. On the whole there are two kinds of web site that deals with receiving online health insurance coverage: Firstly those sites which operated straight way by health insurers, and quote services. Nearly all of the health insurance underwriter not only provide quotes on their websites, but also allow online applications. This is a spectacular modification from just a couple of years ago, when few of insurers didn’t even provide any individual plans.Now, it comes out that underwriters …

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how much higher are smoker life

Most insurance carriers believe that a smoker is someone who has used some form of nicotine product or marijuana within the last 12 months however some carriers will even look at longer time frames up to 5 years or longer. Included in the definition of nicotine products are cigars, cigarettes, pipes, nicotine gum, patches, chewing tobacco. If you smoke less then one cigar a month some carriers will consider you a non-smoker. Should you choose to quit smoking during your policy term then there are a number of options that can save you money. It is possible that you could change to the non smoker category and therefore receive lower premiums however if your health has changed since the start of the life insurance policy this option may …

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Long-Term Disability Claims – the Leading Causes

Long-Term Disability Claims – the Leading CausesPosted onJuly 11, 2013byRichard ReichIn the 2013 Long Term Disability Claims Review, the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA), examines and reports the leading causes of long-term disability claims.  The report includes causes of new claims approved during the current year, as well as existing or ongoing disability claims that were approved in previous years.From the report:The four most  common causes of existing long-term disability claims in 2012 were diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue (30.7 percent of all existing claims), diseases of the nervous system and sense organs (14.2 percent), diseases of the circulatory system (12.1 percent) and cancer (9.0 percent).  These were also the top four causes in the previous two years. Cancer increased as a …

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Florida Life Insurance: An Adaptable Insurance policy

Florida Life Insurance: An Adaptable Insurance policyWhen anyone thinks of purchasing life insurance, then term life insurance and whole life insurance strike one’s mind. You must deem the mixture of these two policies for the life insurance quotes i.e. universal life insurance. This insurance policy is a sort of permanent life insurance that has extra characteristics and benefits; it collects cash value through investment of the insurance premium payments, it is similar in some ways and was developed from whole life insurance.The attractive characteristic of this policy is that it has adaptability of premium payments, and has groovier prospective for cash value growth; the purchaser has the chance to change the insurance policy to beseem his altering requirements. In another word, this policy grants the …

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