How to Prevent Diabetes with Diet & herbal remedies

Diabetes is very much common now days, but still many diseases are corrected by healthy lifestyle changes. Few of the diseases can be reversed. Generally patients who have diabetes are advised to take restricted diet which leads a patient in depressive condition, so a person can enjoy all tastes of food and proper diet which helps a patient to increase in his immune system. It is not necessary to cut off from eating sweets completely

Some important tips for Diabetic Diet

Don’t miss breakfast.

Start day with a good healthy breakfast. Eating breakfast daily will help to have energy along with maintaining normal blood sugar level.

Keep calorie intake the same.

The amount of calories eat on a day-to-day basis regularly maintains blood sugar levels.

Eat regular small meals—6times per day.

There are some guidelines for which are recommended to patients who are suffering from Diabetes:-

Carbohydrate provides 45 – 65% of calories on daily basis. The quantity and form of carbohydrates which are required in our body are two important factors in diabetic patients it includes vegetables, fruit s, beans, and whole grains. These foods are also high in fiber. Patients with diabetes should monitor their carbohydrate intake.

A fat provides 25 – 35% of calories daily. Monounsaturated fats like olive, peanut, canola oils and avocados and nuts and omega-3 polyunsaturated such as fish, flaxseed oil, and walnuts fats are the best in use. Less intake of saturated fat like red meat, butter. Take low-fat dairy products instead of whole milk products. Use of trans-fats such as snack foods, fried foods, and baked goods should be less.

Protein provide 12 – 20% of calories daily, as these are recommended in very less amount in patients diabetic patients who are also have kidney problem. Fish, soya and poultry are better protein choices than red meat.

Take fiber rich diet like Sweet potatoes, yams, winter, squash, cauliflower mash, Whole-wheat pasta, Brown rice or wild rice, High-fiber, low-sugar breakfast cereal, Low-sugar bran flakes.

Eat a lot of non-starchy vegetables, beans and along with fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, and berries. Even tropical fruits like bananas, mangoes, and papayas tend to have a lower glycemic index than typical desserts.

Eat grains in the least-processed state: brown rice, and whole barley, millet, and wheat berries; or are traditionally processed, such as stone-ground bread, natural granola or muesli breakfast cereals.

Some foods containing healthful fats, such as olive oil, nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans and avocados. Use limited amount of saturated fats from dairy and other animal products. Don’t use partially hydrogenated fats like trans fats, which comes under fast food and lots of packed foods.

Healthy fats – The best fats are unsaturated fats, which originates from plant and fish sources and became liquid at room temperature. Primary sources of healthy fats include olive oil, canola oil, nuts, and avocados. Some omega-3 fatty acids are also good in diet, because they fight against inflammation and support brain and heart health. Good sources of it include salmon, tuna, and flaxseeds.

Alcohol should be taken in limited amount if patient is taking from longer time and don’t want to stop. But it is a restricted to those patients who have history of alcohol abuse, pregnant women, in various kinds of diseases like dyslipedemia, nervous system disturbances, hepatic diseases, inflammation in pancreas so, alcohol should not be taken over it must be taken in less or in moderate amount

Fiber Increase in intake of fiber rich diet is very beneficial because they provide vitamins, minerals, and other valuable products the fiber containing food are legumes, cereals, whole grains etc. these substances are very important for the good health.

Diabetes Natural Remedies

Herbs are natural sources of plants which are easily available to us and it doesn’t cause any side effect to our health. Some herbs which are beneficial in controlling diabetes are described below:-

Fenugreek Seeds It is very good herb in improving the glucose tolerance because it is highly fibrous substance. It acts by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates .It also helps in lowering high cholesterol level.

Bilvapatra (Aegle Marmelous) its leaves are very good in controlling the sugar level. Consumption of two to three these bilva leaves in morning is very much helpful in diabetes. It alleviates excess vata and kapha.

Jamun (Black Plum) Regular consumption of jamun fruits and seeds are very beneficial in controlling the sugar level.

Amla (Indian goose berry) eating of 4-5 amla helps in treating diabetes

Cinnamon is very excellent in reducing sugar in diabetes.

Bitter Gourd it is very effective in patients suffering from diabetes .Take karela in the form of juice gives better results.

Neem it is very good in lowering down the sugar level .Consuming neem leaves morning and evening is very much beneficial for diabetic patients.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) Chewing of 4-5 tulsi leaves on daily basis helps in controlling of diabetes.

Soya bean is also good in controlling high sugar level

Karela (Bitter Gourd) it is taken in the form of juice which is very beneficial in reducing the blood sugar level in diabetic patients.

Flax seeds (Alsi) it is very important in maintaining the proper digestion of fats and sugars. Take two tablespoons of flax seeds mixed with warm water.

Green Tea It is a very good anti-oxidant .Drinking of one to two cups of green tea every day in the morning is very helpful in maintaining the sugar level and insulin release in the body.

Guava this fruit is rich in fibrous content so eating this fruit every day is very beneficial in diabetic patients.
Herbal remedies are gentle, safe and very effective in treating various medical problems. Herbal medicines are made up from different herbs which are obtained from plants. These herbal medicines are available in market in all forms which are suitable for all types of age groups.


Dr. Vikram Chauhan is an Ayurvedic practitioner based in Mohali, India. He is spreading the knowledge of ancient healing treatment Ayurveda, not only in India but also abroad. Dr. Vikram has conducted many seminar and workshop on herbal treatment in various nations.


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