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Using animal prints in your home decor designs has never been easier! Your existing home accessories and decor can easily be turned into an animal kingdom using these great tips and techniques for decorating with animal prints. Whether it’s a leopards spots or tiger’s stripes, use this guide to animal prints and you’ll be sure to have the perfect home decor zoo.

Caging the Beast

Using animal prints for your home accessories can be a great way to get a unique and outdoorsy design in any room of the house. But the big problem with using animal prints with your design is that they can really get out of hand and dominate the room or design with an overwhelming pattern. By limiting the actual animal prints to just decor and accessories, you can help keep the animals in their cages and let the design come to life.

Stripes or Spots?

When using animal prints, the most common patterns are stripes and spots. Sometimes using just stripes in the design or just spots can really tie the room together; sometimes not so much. Those three tiger striped pillows on the couch might look good and match your leather sofa, but by mixing it up with a zebra stripe pillow, you can still keep the stripe theme in the decor and furniture’s without getting overbearing with a monotonous animal pattern.

Thinking Outside of the Jungle

Many animal pattern decor designs incorporate tiger, zebras, leopards and other African savannah animals. You don’t have to make your home decor feel like a jungle. By using other interesting animal patterns, you can spice up your decor design theme and really pack an animal punch. Ostrich skin makes for an amazing substitute for leather. Rabbit furs can add a soft texture to an eclectic furry design. What’s great about these furs and skins is that they are cheap and easy to afford and can be dyed any color of the rainbow to ensure you get an amazing off of the wall animal decor design.

Faux or Real?

When it comes to animal prints and patterns, one simple question remains; do you use real animal furs and skins or go with the fake ones? The best answer to that question is an obvious one when it comes to tastes and preferences. But using real animal skins doesn’t have to be PETA no-no. Rabbit furs can be made to mimic nearly any animal skin using dyes and paints. Ostrich skins can be used in home decor and design just as easily and ethically. These creatures are farmed and harvested sustainably and humanly, allowing you to get a worry free animal themed decor design that’s perfect for furniture, décor and wall hangings .


Written by Sarah Abraham. John Abraham writes for EMFURN’s Modern Furniture Blog. Sarah is an avid home decor enthusiast with a penchant for mid century modern furniture and designs.

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