Has EECP taken the medical world by storm?

If you have angina or any form of heart failure like millions of others in the world, then you must be looking for a viable solution to your problem. At some point of time, people tend to feel that they are not getting relief from the regular medications for their heart problems or the symptoms are cropping up all the soon. In such a scenario, EECP can be an effective solution to your problem. It is an outpatient therapy that helps in easing the symptoms of heart trouble without the need of any form of surgery as well as medication. The problems of heart arise due to congestion in the arteries and less supply of blood to and from the heart. Due to less supply of blood, the muscles of the heart have to do some extra amount of work to and from the heart.


In EECP, inflated cuffs are used like blood pressure cuffs. Patients are advised to lie on the bed, while the heart beats of the patients are monitored through an ECG screen. With constant inflation and deflation of the cuffs, the blood supply to the heart is increased gradually, which opens the packaged flow of blood. The treatment is, normally, undertaken for an hour in a day and is spread over 35 sessions. If one is hard pressed for time, they can undertake more than one session a day. The beauty of this form of treatment is that you can undertake it without any hindrance in your daily schedule. Sessions are normally spread over 5 days a week, which makes it a seven week program.
EECP as a form of exercise is being prescribed more and more doctors in the world of today. People suffer from many ailments, and not just heart diseases and angina can benefit from EECP. The reasons for the popularity of this form of treatment are immense. First of all, surgery is a strict no as regards this form of treatment. Practicing it does not require any form of hospitalization along with additional expenses in the form of medicines. All one needs to do is to get in touch with a doctor who has relevant amount of experience in this field. Without picking up the knife, the doctor is able to make your perform better.

Since there is better supply of blood to all the organs, a second lease of life is provided to the failed organs and they tend to respond better. People no longer complain of fatigue and respond to medicines in a better way. In short, they are able to lead a healthy life without too much of a body pain. Just because this is an inexpensive form of treatment does not mean that it is not recognized, it is approved by the FDA and recommended by the doctors from all over the world.

EECP treatment for heart is the best source of relief for patients, and in a lot of ways, it is a blessing in disguise.
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The author is a medical blogger and writes on various types of diseases and its treatment for eecptherapy.in.

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