Laundry Detergent Pods Pose Poisoning Risk to Kids, Study Says

Laundry detergent pods have been in the market ever since their introduction in 2010. They have grown popular and are widely appealing due to convenience. A packet contains detergent that is supposed to be released in the washing machine thus users don’t have to keep measuring detergent in cups. This has been a great innovation but lately these pods have posed risky as cases of poisoned kids rise. There have been many reported cases of children who had been exposed to the chemicals in these detergents and were hospitalized for the same.

Which Age Group Is Mainly Affected?

Children below 6 years are the most vulnerable and have had more reported cases. This age group is known to be curious, experimental, overly mobile and they don’t understand what danger is to them anything is a toy worth their attention. They view the colorful pods as juice-filled candy or teething toys.

How Does The Poisoning Occur?

80% of cases involved kids swallowing the liquids or pods. These pods are so powerful in chemical content unlike traditional detergents and when ingested directly they release so much of toxicity in the body. In other instances the contents can easily spill in the eye when the pod.

Noted Symptoms & Side Effects In Most Cases This Far?

Stomach burns, seizures and comas are among the most serious of side effects that have been noted. Common ones include tiredness, eye pain or irritation, choking, coughing, drowsiness and vomiting. Luckily most cases have been trivial and were handled just in time there have been few cases of death, really few though.

Prevention Methods to Help In Curbing

Parents must recognize how toxic these detergent pods are and they need to keep them out of reach by locking them up. Care givers should be careful whenever they are using pods to ensure they are stored away as soon as possible. Manufacturers should also be considerate and come up with products that are kid friendly and have all the safety measures in place. Packaging should have safety icons that can easily be understood.

Warning labels should be improved and visible to give advice on storage instructions and proper usage. The current pod packaging is transparent. Perhaps changing to opaque ones will help reduce curiosity on the part of kids since it will block their view. The main problem is that most manufacturers come up with products made for adult conveniences and they forget the safety of children in the home. There should be a lot of awareness and education going round to prevent, reduce and finally eliminate cases of poisoned children in the near future.

With such cases on the rise, hospital trips are bound to be many. Parents and guardians should take the necessary preventive measures include getting the EHIC medical card and having it in hand. The EHIC card is used in covering any medical treatments brought about either by illness or accidents within the EEA which is an abbreviation for European Economic Area. The holder is entitled to medical treatment provided by the state in the county they’re visiting. One is able to apply for it through online sources, by telephone or at the post office.

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