Why Electronic Cigarettes are Becoming Popular

Weighing benefits before changing brand or considering any alternative product is quite understandable. Same is the case with e- cigarettes.

Among the current smokers’ lot, there are many, who have shown interest in exploring electronic smoking. As you are reading this article, it is likely that you are exploring your alternatives but would also like to first know the benefits of changing before you actually do so.

With their many benefits over conventional cigarettes, E-cigarettes are a good alternative for smokers. There is no tobacco in electronic cigarettes. In other words, you can get your nicotine fix without simultaneously taking in over 4000 chemicals that also include 40 identified carcinogens which are produced by the smoke of tobacco. The other benefit is that you feel an identical oral fixation and the hand-to-mouth smoking action that’s so much of a habit to you.


No More Smell of Smoke  

Electronic cigarettes do not leave offending smoke odor that sticks long after the cigarette is over. On the other hand, e-cigarettes have a short living and pleasantly fruity aroma that is nice to smell.

No Ashes

As there is no fire and no smoke either, there are neither ashes nor any leftover cigarette butts to throw away. There is a mist like emission but that’s just water-based vapor that disperses pronto. Obviously as there is no passive smoking, your family’s health is also not compromised.

Choose your Nicotine Strength and Intake

E-liquids are available in different nicotine concentrations- from nil to high. You can choose your liquid to check your nicotine intake. If you like, you can begin with your regular cigarettes’ nicotine level and then gradually decrease.

Puff or ‘vape’ anywhere you wish to

As there is no problem of second hand smoke, you can vape your e-cigarette anywhere you wish to. You can now take your smoking break virtually anywhere, be it public places, cafes, bars, hotels or workplace. There is no longer any need to look for a designated place for smoking.  

E-cigarettes are a Greener Alternative

There are no burning stubs left behind to cause an accidental fire and endanger property and lives. There is no pollution. The e-cigarette batteries are rechargeable and e-liquids are not perilous to environment.

Higher Social Acceptability

As people gain more and more health awareness, smoking bans are forcing smokers to find isolated corners under open elements. Often people next to you object to inhaling smoke passively and drop polite hints about not smoking around others. With e-cigarettes, you can ‘smoke’ without smoke. So, no uncomfortable situations and no offending people! Plus these do not stain your teeth or make your breath offensive. If you buy electronic cigarettes online, you can say goodbye to that awful smoker’s breath.

Variety Flavors for e-liquids

There is a wide variety of e-liquid flavors for you to try and enjoy. There are tobacco variants for authentic brand enjoyment plus novelty flavors like strawberry, cherry, vanilla, cappuccino and mint etc.

Style Variety in e-cigarettes 

Electronic cigarettes come in styles and colors. Some look exactly like conventional cigarettes. Some glow a red/orange LED light every time you draw a puff. Some models are more innovative and simulate pipes, pens and cell phones. You can pick an e-cigarette that matches your style and catches your fancy.

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