Cooking With Tofu: Outlining the Healthy Specifics

Tofu is often regarded as one of the best substitutes for meat, and it’s easy to see why. While many people boast about its abundance of protein, it also has the potential to lower the risk of various diseases with differing levels of severity.

Unfortunately, there are those who simply don’t choose to cook with it. It may not be a matter of them disliking tofu, instead, they might not just have a reason or the motivation to prepare it. However, even teachers at the best culinary art schools often highlight its health advantages and versatility.

Maybe you are someone who sees the benefits of tofu and would like to cook with it more often. What if you need a little encouragement to do so, though? There are a few specifics to recognize from both a culinary and health-related standpoint.


Did you know that, in addition to protein, tofu contains a number of essential vitamins? In fact, it’s completely abundant with vitamin B. These types of vitamins are able to help the body create energy from food. The more energy that your body has the more efficient it will be during digestion. Along with the formation of red blood cells, vitamin B is crucial. However, in order for these benefits to remain intact during the culinary process, certain cooking methods are worth utilizing more than others. Steamed tofu is excellent for this purpose because a lower amount of heat is utilized. As a result, vitamins and minerals won’t be depleted.

If you are concerned about fat content, tofu has been known to contain omega-3 fatty acids as well. “Wait, doesn’t fish have omega-3?” Yes. While this is true, it’s important to note that tofu has many healthy omega-3s. If you are not the biggest seafood fan, tofu can still fulfill this particular requirement. Along with being an essential property to reduce inflammation in the body, omega-3 can bring down bad cholesterol levels as well, protecting your heart in the long run. As with vitamin B, in order to retain the nutritional properties of omega-3, cooking methods must be chosen carefully.

Keep in mind that tofu is a soy product. One of the defining factors of soy is its ratio of supporters and detractors. However, if there are any negatives to consider when it comes to soy, I’d like to think that the positives more than outweigh them. For example, a diet that is rich in soy not only eliminates the need for animal products, calorie content and all,yet offers more calcium. One of the most crucial compounds in soy is isoflavones. These have been known to reduce the risk of breast cancer. In order to cook or prepare dishes with soy, try to experiment a little. If you are want to prepare a pizza, for example, soyfood toppings can be used. Keep in mind that there are those who have soy allergies, so prepare your meals accordingly.



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