Why Do I Need A Foot Doctor?

A foot doctor (or, more commonly, a podiatrist) is a doctor that specializes in the lower extremities, the feet, and the ankles. They are physicians who specialize in this form of orthopedics. There are a myriad of reasons why a podiatrist may be contacted and not all of them are a result of a chronic condition. Much like general practitioners, podiatrists may be contacted and seen once a year or every two years for a simple routine checkup and to make sure that everything is functioning properly. Additionally, there may be some more dire circumstances which necessitate a visit to a podiatrist.

Regularly seeing a foot doctor is like taking out an insurance policy on the lower part of your body. Problems can be diagnosed before it is too late, normal function can be maintained easily, and mild or chronic pain can be relieved through changes in posture or through a number of relatively simple outpatient procedures performed in the office. A person should always be aware of the fact that foot and ankle pain is (obviously) not normal and doesn’t have to be a part of regular life for anyone. Often, people will ignore this fact and either hope that the pain will go away on its own or they will make an attempt to adjust their activity levels in an effort to avoid the pain. There is no reason to do either of these things.

People with chronic conditions such as diabetes should see foot doctors on a regular basis. This is because their disease could ultimately result in an amputation if they do not keep their disease and their blood sugar levels in check properly. A podiatrist will be able to help maintain foot health and can provide insight into the care and management of the disease and its progression.

Pain or swelling in one foot or pain that tends to increase when the activity level of an individual is increased are both good examples of times when a podiatrist is a good option. Any type of fracture or severe pain lasting longer than twenty four hours will also require a visit to a podiatrist.

Podiatrists are sort of like dentists. A person would not put up with pain in their mouth for very long without going to see a specialist and they will, in fact, go to great lengths in order to take preventative measures against possible pain in that area. A foot doctor is much the same in that respect. They should be seen for preventative care and any time a serious problem arises. Family physicians are great at general diagnoses, but specialists are (again, obviously) specialists in their chosen field. A family practitioner is not going to have the level of knowledge that is generally required to fix some of the more complex problems that can arise in the feet and ankles and can, in fact, cause problems themselves. A podiatrist is a good option for anyone who wants to care for their feet. For Phoenix based doctors, you may visit this website – Foot Specialist Phoenix.

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