A better e-cigarette is Coming with some Prescription – How to buy and use it?

What’s an E-Cigarette?

Like gun powder, the e-cigarette is a invention by Chinese. The first ones discover from the Ruyan company in 2004. According to media reports says it sold out 200,000 e-cigarettes in year 2008, and it’s far from the only company making the e-cigarette.

The e-cigarette comes in many shapes, sizes and brands. Many look more or less like long cigarettes; others look like cigars and pipes. They all work the same basic way as mentioned below:

  • The user sued to inhales through a mouthpiece.
  • Air flow triggers is a sensor that switches on a small, battery-powered heater.
  • The heater also vaporizes liquid nicotine in a small tiny cartridge.
  • The heater vaporizes propylene glycol in the cartridge. PEG is the stuff of which theatrical smoke is made and work.
  • The user gets a puff of hot gas which is almost feels a lot like tobacco smoke.
  • When the user exhales the smoke, there’s a cloud of PEG vapor that almost looks like smoke. The vapor quickly dissipates.
  • E-cigarettes contain no tobacco products; even the nicotine is synthetic and harmless.

The e-cigarette retail for $100 to $200 and more. Refill cartridge packs are vary in price depending on nicotine quality and liquid for do-it-yourself refills are sold. Each cartridge is good for several times uses.

About the new e-cigarette:

A new organization is trying to discover the safest, most sophisticated electronic cigarette on the market but unless you’re trying to quit smoking, the organization founder and ceo says the product isn’t for you, It is intended to be a new kind of inhaler that delivers a precise, physician-approved the dose of nicotine to help smokers break their tobacco habit.

There hope is that there next inhaler will be approved by the FDA as a medical device to help people quit smoking. To do that, it would have to prove that it’s safe and effective as a smoking tool, as have some current options such as nicotine patches and gum.

Whether you have been vaping for a while or are curious about this new, high tech e-cigarette trend, we are here to help you. There are the widest range of e cigs in the world. For beginners, there are number of starter kits perfect for smokers seeking a cleaner alternative. There are also supply an extensive selection of hand mixed e-liquids, Atomizers and Batteries in addition to the e-cigs.

Best e-liquid recommended for an e-cigarette:

The top most recommended e-liquid made up of 99% of good nicotine, pure vegetable glycerine as well as some pure ingredients in the right and equal proportion. One should avoid sugar, sweet oils or fruit flavoured e-liquids. Thus, those tobacco smokers who are looking for some better smoking must switch for e-cigs.

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