Latest 2014 Updates on E-Cigarettes: How to Buy E-Liquid Cigarette?

There are many people who are now leaving traditional tobacco cigarettes and are leaning towards and adopting electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes or e-cigs. These electronic cigarettes are widely replacing the old tobacco cigarettes and are proving to be much more healthy option as compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. But whenever one thinks to chose and adapt with e-cigarettes, one need to take care of the ingredients that one fits inside the e-cigarettes.

Thus, whenever one starts using e-cigarettes, they need to focus mainly on the e-liquids just in order to guarantee a safe buy. So, let us have a brief look on best e-cigarette buying guide that includes several tips related to the device:

  • Is the nicotine used in the traditional tobacco cigarettes and nicotine used in the liquids is same?

During the use of traditional tobacco cigarettes, one cannot measure that how much amount of tobacco is being entered into the body. There are many factors that could determine the tobacco absorbed by the body. One can smoke it, snuff it or even chew it and this determines the amount of tobacco getting into your body. Whereas, in electronic liquids, the amount of nicotine used in the liquids is measured in the right amount. This liquid when used with electronic cigarette device gets heated up and is turned into vapour. Many of the users just inhale the vapour while others just blow it out. As a result, the nicotine absorbed by the blood tissues are being crossed by the blood-brain barrier and then it reaches out the brain.

  • What is general proportion of nicotine used in electronic liquid?

The general measure done by the manufacturers of nicotine electronic liquid is nicotine per millilitre. Usually the measurement of nicotine in electronic liquid is 18 milligrams per millilitre (i.e., 18 mg/ml). But nowadays, one can also avail those electronic liquids that do not have even a single trace of nicotine. These liquids rather have flavours instead of nicotine in order to satisfy the taste buds. Thus, one can have healthy puffing just to satisfy the nicotine habits.

  • Is it safe and healthy to smoke the electronic cigarettes along with the electronic liquid?

Smoking the traditional tobacco cigarettes can be the cause of major health problems like heart disease, lung cancer and many other pulmonary diseases. The electronic liquids used in e-cigarettes do contain some of the additives but still they are safer than the traditional cigarettes that contain almost over 4000 toxic chemicals. As a result, it is the users only who would decide and choose appropriate liquid for their use.

  • Can one get rid of the smoking habits while using the electronic liquids?

If one is thinking that e-cigs are the smoking cessation device, then this is not true. These devices are just an alternative for those people who are having strong addiction for the nicotine delivery system. This would definitely help in replacing the physical action of inhaling a cigarette.

  • Top electronic liquid recommended for an electronic cigarette:

The top most recommended electronic liquid consists of 99% of pure nicotine, pure vegetable glycerine as well as other pure ingredients in the right proportion. One should avoid sugar, candy oils or fruit flavoured liquids. Thus, those tobacco smokers who are looking for something better must opt for e-cigs.

Thus, these are latest 2014 updates on e-cigarettes that one should pay attention while buying one for them.

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