The Initials Years Of The Baby Are Most Important

Every mother has one thing in common, stories about the first 1000 days of their babies. Some of these are heart-touching and some are heartbreaking, in some the mommy might not have slept for two nights properly because of the baby having colic pain, while in others, the baby had played with her for the first time, some may be about the first day of the baby, and some may be about the feeding pattern of the baby. Whatever is the theme of their story, they all reflect something about the health and activities of the baby. Ultimately, all these reflect how concerned the mother is about the baby’s health.

BabySometimes the mother resorts to the home remedy and at times the baby needs a neo-natalogist or a medical practitioner.  The initial years of the baby, from pre-pregnancy through infancy right into toddlerhood, are very crucial in building a strong immune system of the baby. The baby develops gradually through the nourishment she gets in the womb and later through the mother’s milks, which provides all the essential nutrients to the baby.

It is necessary to accumulate sufficient knowledge about this period as ignorance can often be devastating. Specifically the information about the nutrition and vaccination is extremely important. This is because, over-nutrition and under-nutrition both are dangerous for the new born and the mother. There should be a balance in the consumption of all the nutrients.

Lack of nutrition during pregnancy can lead to death in infancy or lack of cognitive and physical development. This can also lead to lifelong troubles and an unhealthy life for the baby. These suffering due to bad health are a pain not only for the child but also for the mother and rest of the family. This can weaken the child’s immune system and be a threat to the growing child and this one of the main reasons of increasing number of infant deaths due to common illness.

The solution to these is very much affordable due to help from the governments and easily available due to the wide network of medical practitioners across India. We must ensure that the young children and their mother must get sufficient minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc. Promotion of good nutrition practices like breastfeeding and good and sufficient healthy foods for the babies is essential. It is also the duty of the society to treat malnutrition children to with special therapeutic foods so that they live a happy and healthy life ahead.

The nutrition is an essential building block for the all the human beings and babies are specifically vulnerable and delicate. They need more care and attention to grow and develop into a healthy adult.

By focusing on winning over this challenge of improving the health of the mother and child can help in creating a healthy society. With administering vaccines timely, we can eradicate certain diseases like polio etc. A healthy generation can make a healthy society and a brighter future for the nation and the world.

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