Ivy is 11 months old!

Eric, Ivy and I just arrived in Seattle last night to visit my sister and to go to the AWP conference, while my mom watches the other kids. It’s the first time we’ve left our children and gone somewhere together. I’m looking forward to good food, warmer (if wetter) weather, lots of fun sight-seeing, and best of all one-on-one time with Ivy during the day. Thanks to all my blog readers who sent in suggestions of things to do! She does this funny scrunchy thing with her face when she smiles Having only one child is SO EASY in comparison to four. Only one little person to get dressed and feed and clean up after and buckle into carseats/strollers and get in and …

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Birth in the caul

I want to share these two stunning photographs of babies being born in the caul. The first is from a twin birth by photographer Leilani Rogers of www.photosbylei.com.* The second photo was taken during a cesarean section and shared by Greek obstetrician Aris Tsigris. I feel such a sense of awe and mystery when I look at these pictures. Even though I’ve had four children, I still wonder how they folded up inside. Seeing a baby born, yet not fully emerged, gives me a fleeting glimpse into the hidden life of the unborn baby.This is me trying to figure out how Inga managed to fit inside of me.*You may share this photo if you give credit and include a link to Leilani …

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