Worker sustains horrific injuries following sawmill incident

Home » No Win No Fee » Latest Personal Injury News » 2013 » 10 » Worker sustains horrific injuries following sawmill incidentWorker sustains horrific injuries following sawmill incidentA Dumfries-based sawmill has been fined after a worker suffered severe arm injuries when it became trapped in a poorly guarded machine.Scott Campbell, aged 32 at the time of the incident, was working for Howie Forest Products at its Kenmuir Sawmills site in Dalbeattie when the accident took place on January 12th 2010.Mr Campbell was stacking wood on a machine when he reached over the top of a safety fence to pick up banding strips to tie some planks together. But as he did this, one of the machine’s components pinned his right arm inside of the fence and trapped it.The man’s arm was then hit by the base block of the machine arm, snapping his elbow and leaving a bone protruding from the skin. Upon arriving at hospital the sawmill-worker was put straight into surgery and the fracture did not repair until four months later.Mr Campbell has returned to work but he is not expected to recover the full range of movement he once had in the limb and this will have a significant impact on his quality of life.An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) looked into the causes of the accident and found Howie Forest failed to assess the risks to employees of improper equipment guarding.Inspectors also criticised the placement of banding strips, which forced workers to put their arms in dangerous areas – as was the case with Mr Campbell.For these guideline breaches, Howie Forest Products was fined £20,000 after it pleaded guilty to not following Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.After the prosecution, HSE inspector Russell Berry commented: “This incident was entirely preventable.”If the company had adopted a consistent approach to assessing the risks of all the machines at the site, the higher standard of protection that existed on the newer machines would have prevented this incident from occurring.”Howie Forest Products should have been aware that the safety measures on this stacking unit were inadequate.”By Francesca WitneyOr call us on 0800 884 0321SHARE THIS

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Pedestrians trip over ‘optical illusion’ pavement

Home » No Win No Fee » Latest Personal Injury News » 2013 » 10 » Pedestrians trip over ‘optical illusion’ pavementPedestrians trip over ‘optical illusion’ pavementAs many as 20 pedestrians have sought medical treatment in Pontypridd, south Wales, after a re-tiled high street tricked walkers’ eyesight.While at certain angles it is obvious there is a kerb in the road, some people in the town have complained the drop from pavement to road is essentially invisible from some perspectives.This has caused a number of falls and Morfydd Jenkins, a local resident, aged 75, was among victims of the poorly planned regeneration project and has suffered extensive facial injuries resulting from her town centre tumble.A spokesperson for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, which maintains the street and manages construction in the town, told Metro newspaper: “Throughout the town, improvements have been made removing clutter from the street, introducing more accessible floor surfaces and introducing flat surfaces where possible which greatly assists those with mobility issues.”It is unclear if the tiling, which is part of a £10.5 million improvement project, will be removed or reworked.By Francesca WitneyOr call us on 0800 884 0321SHARE THIS

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Firm fined over Hippodrome fall

Home » No Win No Fee » Latest Personal Injury News » 2013 » 10 » Firm fined over Hippodrome fallFirm fined over Hippodrome fallThe main contractor involved in renovations at the famous Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square has been fined after it mismanaged work at heights risks.An unnamed 35-year-old sub-contractor broke his left leg and foot after an incident in 2012.The builder dropped into a room and then through a riser duct after trying to move around a roof area, but the structure’s fragility caused him to fall more than 14 metres.After hearing of the incident, the Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation and found Beck Interiors didn’t properly manage the sub-contractor’s work at height.Faced with overwhelming evidence against it, the firm pleaded guilty to a guideline breach and was forced to pay £33,365 in costs and fines.Commenting after the Westminster Magistrates’ Court trial, HSE inspector Stephron Baker-Holmes said: “This case highlights the need for principal contractors to proactively manage work at height risks and to take appropriate action to prevent or mitigate falls.By Francesca WitneyOr call us on 0800 884 0321SHARE THIS

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Council fined over health and safety failing

Home » No Win No Fee » Latest Personal Injury News » 2013 » 10 » Council fined over health and safety failingCouncil fined over health and safety failingA council has been hit with a £48,000 fine after it was found to have overseen health and safety failings that resulted in the disfigurement of a school child.Galashiels Academy student Nadine Craig was forced to spend ten days in hospital and six months off school following an incident in her classroom in 2007 in which she was dragged into an unguarded lathe, reports the Southern Reporter.Sheriff Kevin Drummond initially handed the local authority a £72,000 fine at Selkirk Sheriff Court this week, but he later reduced it to £48,000 in recognition of Scottish Borders Council’s early plea.He explained the lathe had regularly been used without a guard, despite the fact one could be purchased for around £260.Mr Drummond said: “The degree of risk was substantial and it was one which was allowed to continue over a significant period of time. The fact that schoolchildren were, in fact, permitted to be involved in the operation of machinery in these circumstances was a serious failure.”He also refused the idea that the teacher had not been given the resources required to carry out a full risk assessment of the machine in order to decide whether it was safe for pupils to use.A spokesman for the council said it had issued a full apology to Miss Craig and accepted it was responsible for the incident.The representative added: “A full safety review of technical classes in all secondary schools was carried out immediately after the accident.”It remains to be seen whether the steps taken by the local authority will prevent similar occurrences in schools in the Scottish Borders in the coming months and years.By Francesca WitneyOr call us on 0800 884 0321SHARE THIS

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Broadwalk Dental Practice forced to compensate patient

Home » No Win No Fee » Latest Personal Injury News » 2013 » 10 » Broadwalk Dental Practice forced to compensate patientBroadwalk Dental Practice forced to compensate patientA former resident of Buxton has been awarded £22,000 in compensation from Broadwalk Dental Practice, which offered her extremely substandard care over a number of years.Dr Allan Clark’s negligence meant 40-year-old Sarah Taylor has to undergo extensive corrective treatment, including bridges, crowns, dentures and root canal treatments.She told the Derbyshire Times Dr Clark’s poor dentistry also led to her losing eight teeth and suffering a number of painful bouts of dental infection.The local woman first visited the practice in 1993, when she had bad toothache on the left side of her mouth. While this should have been a simple procedure, it turned out to be only the start of Ms Taylor’s dental problems.Having been given two fillings by the dentist, she was forced to return just days later suffering from a toothache even more severe than her previous one.”Dr Clark removed one of the teeth he had just filled, which was absolutely mortifying. We had not discussed a tooth extraction at any point and he had gone ahead without my prior knowledge or consent. It was all downhill from there,” she told the newspaper.Ms Taylor visited the practice a staggering 39 times over the next 16 years, receiving her final treatment in December 2009.After relocating to Peterborough, she signed up with a new dentist, who immediately told her about the poor condition of her teeth and suggested she undertake corrective measures to amend them.Five of them were beyond repair and had to be removed, while Ms Taylor also needs to wear a permanent bridge because of the difficulties brought about by Dr Clark’s sub-par dentistry.”I trusted Dr Clark implicitly and he has ruined my teeth. The whole experience has been unbelievably stressful. What he did was not right,” said the patient.Neither the doctor or the practice commented on the case – Dr Clark did not admit liability and has since retired from the profession.Or call us on 0800 884 0321SHARE THIS

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