Spring styles for kids! ($50 Carter’s giveaway)

~This post on spring styles for kids was written in partnership with Carter’s & The Motherhood. Opinions and collages are my own.SERIOUSLY hating this winter. I’m not a cold-weather person anyway, but I haven’t seen the grass (even if it is dead) since… November? And it’s been unbearably cold, too, so it’s not like we get to take the kids out to play in the snow much. Who else is ready for some SUNSHINE?! Some RAIN instead of snow! FLIP FLOPS instead of boots! SUNGLASSES instead of hats & gloves! Me, please!!!Last weekend I pulled out my warm-weather clothes and my sandals. When the warm weather finally hits, I will be ready! So I’ve been shopping for my kids, too. Ya know, it …

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Nautical Spring Styles: let the countdown begin!

OMGOSH I CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING. No, seriously. This winter has been brutal, right?!?!?! 27 DAYS TILL SPRING, but who’s counting We’re usually looking at dead grass, which isn’t pretty, but this winter we haven’t seen the grass at all. Not since before Christmas! We’re just buried over here and when you have two toddlers at home…. phew. That’s all I have to say To get me through this cold weather, I’ve been thinking about spring… planning what I want to do outside once the weather is finally nice enough, looking at old photos of summer fun, working out to get in better shape, and–of course–shopping for new clothes! I’ve been scoping out some spring styles. Remember those huge catalogs your mom would get when you were a …

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Oxygen-generating compound shows promise for saving tissue after severe injury

Aug. 26, 2013 — The same compound in a common household clothes detergent shows promise as a treatment to preserve muscle tissue after severe injury. Researchers at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine hope the oxygen-generating compound could one day aid in saving and repairing limbs and tissue.The research in rats, published online ahead of print in PLOS ONE, found that injections of the compound sodium percarbonate (SPO) can produce enough oxygen to help preserve muscle tissue when blood flow is disrupted.”Some commercial detergents generate oxygen bubbles to help clean clothes or remove stains,” said Benjamin Harrison, Ph.D., co-author and associate professor of regenerative medicine at Wake Forest Baptist. “We modified the material so it can be injected into muscle and provide a boost of oxygen to slow down muscle death until surgery can restore blood flow. Potential applications include treating amputations, crush injuries from car accidents or even blast injuries suffered by those in combat zones.”SPO is a combination of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide molecules. In the presence of water, it decomposes into oxygen and other salts. The current formulation used by the researchers generates oxygen for about three hours.”Normally, when blood flow to muscle tissue is reduced due to severe injury, the muscle begins to die,” said Harrison. “Providing extra oxygen to oxygen-deprived muscle following injury is currently a major medical challenge. The few treatments that are available are primarily aimed at increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and require an intact system of blood vessels to carry that fluid, which we don’t always have in damaged tissue.”When muscles don’t have enough oxygen, they lose the ability to contract and their delicate metabolic balance (homeostasis) is impaired. The current project measured the effects of injecting oxygen-starved muscles with SPO. …

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