Eating Gluten Free with Udi’s

I participated in this program on behalf of Udi’s and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own!Do you know people that eat gluten-free diets? Maybe you do or someone else in your family? Our immediate family never did before, but I have a couple of close friends and other family members that have gluten sensitivities and have completely removed it from their diet. I’ll be totally honest–I thought gluten-free food would taste bad. Bland. Like a diet. I felt bad for the friends that HAD to eat that way…And then I actually tried it. We replaced parts of our diet with gluten-free counterparts (pastas, breads, pizza crusts, etc.). We buy Udi’s and it’s SO GOOD. Now I think the “worst” part about …

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This week guests staying, chemo tomorrow ….

This week has flown! A visit last Tuesday to the hospital for my Picc line to be dressed and bloods taken. No chemo that week was scheduled and just as well – my bloods were still quite low from the week before. Tomorrow picc line to be dressed, bloods taken, appt with my oncologist and the green light for chemo to go ahead gemcidibine and carboplatin.We have had friends staying for 5 nights from the Gold Coast, Queensland – it was great to be normal for a few days and concentrate on other things instead of chemotherapy/treatments. I held a dinner party the first night as it was Margit’s birthday. Spinach and ricotta cannelloni followed by a pear/walnut upside down cake. I was quite exhausted the next …

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12 days in beautiful sunny and warm Queensland, Australia

We have only recently returned from 12 days in south east Queensland catching up with family, friends and was so pleased to be able to meet up with some of our mesothelioma family while on the Gold Coast.The first evening we attended a birthday dinner for Keith’s brother – Ross who turned the big 60. A great night spent with family and friends. The next night he held a party and we caught up with grandkids and son Elton. So very proud of him, he has just moved back to Queensland/Brisbane where he is working in a profession that he loves and is so good at too – Building Design.Friday morning I caught the bus to Pacific Fair shoppingtown and met Kim and her beautiful mum Margaret. They …

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Riding Dad’s Road King from Marina Del Rey to Malibu—Memories of Dad Along for the Ride

On Sunday, September 22, riders will gather at Bartels’ Harley Davidson in Marina Del Rey, California forThe Greatest Escape Motorcycle Ride. The ride marks the 50th anniversary of The Great Escape movie starring The King of Cool, Steve McQueen, whose life was cut short by malignant peritoneal mesothelioma at the age of 50. Proceeds from the event will go to support mesothelioma research conducted by the Pacific Meso Center in Los Angeles. Our firm is proud to be the title sponsor of this first-ever event. Chuck Jarvis, Sr. For many, the event will be an opportunity to experience the sheer freedom and exhilaration that comes from riding a motorcycle along the southern California coastline on a perfect late-summer day. For others, the event will also be a …

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Christians tweet more happily, less analytically than atheists

June 26, 2013 — A computer analysis of nearly 2 million text messages (tweets) on the online social network Twitter found that Christians use more positive words, fewer negative words and engage in less analytical thinking than atheists. Christians also were more likely than atheists to tweet about their social relationships, the researchers found.The findings are reported in the journal Social Psychological & Personality Science.”Whether religious people experience more or less happiness is an important question in itself,” the authors of the new analysis wrote. “But to truly understand how religion and happiness are related we must also understand why the two may be related.”To identify Christian and atheist Twitter users, the researchers studied the tweets of more than 16,000 followers of a few prominent Christian and atheist personalities on Twitter. They analyzed the tweets for their emotional content (the use of more positive or negative words), the frequency of words (such as “friend” and “brother”) that are related to social processes, and the frequency of their use of words (such as “because” and “think”) that are associated with an analytical thinking style.Overall, tweets by Christians had more positive and less negative content than tweets by atheists, the researchers report. A less analytical thinking style among Christians and more frequent use of social words were correlated with the use of words indicating positive emotions, the researchers also said.”If religious people are indeed happier than nonreligious people, differences in social support and thinking style may help to explain why,” said University of Illinois graduate student Ryan Ritter, who conducted the research with U. of I. psychology professor Jesse Preston and graduate student Ivan Hernandez.The findings are also in line with other studies linking greater levels of social connectedness to higher well-being, Ritter said.”Religious communities are very social. Just being a member of a religious group connects people to others, and it may be this social connection that can make people happier,” Preston said. “On the other hand, atheists had a more analytical thinking style in their tweets than Christians, which at extremes can make people less happy.”Previous research has found a positive association between religion and well-being among Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims. But most such studies rely on individuals to report how satisfied they are with their lives or their experience of positive and negative emotions at a given time.”What’s great about Twitter is that people are reporting their experiences — good or bad — as they occur,” Preston said. …

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