To pump or not to pump?

I’ve been pumping and donating since Ivy was 2 weeks old. Every night, I hook myself up to the pump, settle back into the couch, and pump a cup of liquid gold for my donor family. Sometimes I would be so tired when it came time to pump. I just want to go to bed…maybe I’ll do it in the morning…but still every night I would sit down, plug in, and pump.I love nursing my children, and I would be devastated if I were unable to breastfeed. That’s why I pump, even when I don’t feel like it.I’ve wondered how long I could continue pumping after I was done nursing my last baby…months? years? decades? Some wet nurses continued to nurse babies into …

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Not enough milk: one mother’s story

A blog reader, Michelle, sent me her breastfeeding stories. She has four children and was never able to nurse exclusively, despite trying everything. I’m so glad she was willing to share her experiences. Some women cannot produce enough milk for their babies. For those who want to nurse but cannot, the regret and frustration can be overwhelming.Michelle commented to me: “I am very grateful that I was able to nurse my girls for however long I could. I wish I were still nursing my fourth! I am glad to that I finally decided to pursue all solutions because I needed to realize that nothing I did would help. That knowledge helped alleviate a lot of guilt. If I ever have another child, I won’t beat myself …

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