Stay Healthy on the Road

Being healthy is usually one of our top priorities in daily life. However, while we travel, either for work or leisure, sometimes the hassles and constant moving make us forget to take care of ourselves. That’s when even the healthiest people get sick while travelling, which can ruin their trip. When you are away from home, getting sick is even more troublesome. You often cannot get as much rest, your favorite food or medicine may not be available, and medical cost can be quite expensive in some countries.

The best way to avoid getting sick while traveling is to take good care of yourself at all times. So how do you stay on your tip-top shape even when travelling? Here are a few tips to help you stay prepared:

  1. Stick with a healthy diet

Many people often feel that they deserve the extra amount of food while travelling, especially when they are on vacation. We get it. You work so hard and wait so long for this vacation. After all, when is the next time you can enjoy such culinary treats, right?

However, vacation meals have the same effect on your body as any other meals. Your metabolism doesn’t take a vacation when you do. Therefore, you can try anything but in moderation. Also, be aware of strange food. Make sure what you eat is hygienic. If it’s the first time for a food, try it in a very small amount to test for food allergy before you dive head in!

  1. Drink lots of (clean) water

Just like the food, you have to be healthy with your drink as well. Try not to indulge yourself in too much caffeine, alcohol, or sugary drink. The well-known fact remains the same whether you are on vacation or not: these drinks in generous amount will leave a long-term effect on your health.

Also, when you are constantly on the move, it may be easy to forget to drink water. Stay hydrated and carry a bottle of water with you all the time, especially if you are in a place with extreme climate. Keep in mind that in certain areas of the world, tap water is not safe to drink. Stick with bottled water to be safe.

  1. Plan for changing climate

How many times did you get caught unprepared when the weather suddenly turns rainy or chilly? If you are at home, it is easy to grab an extra sweater or an umbrella. When you are travelling, however, it’s much easier to get caught unprepared. Therefore, always plan your attire according to the weather of where you are going to be. Another good tips is that, even if you are going to the sunny Hawaii, it is still smart to pack a light sweater to protect yourself from the freezing air conditioners on the flight.

  1. Pack your pills

It’s smart to pack your own medicine before traveling, as you never know when you may need them. It may be hard to find a pharmacy where you are heading to, or they may not understand your request. Therefore, if you are currently on any medicine, pack extra just to be safe. Don’t forget to pack basic medicines such as cold pills, anti-acid, and any vitamin or supplements that you are taking.

 Image source: Kate Ter Haar

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