EHIC: What Should I Do If I lose The Card?

It is not at all tough for a person to avail travel insurance these days. There are plenty of policies that are sold through banks, travel agents, building societies and post offices. Moreover, there are present several comparison website which allow the person to do the verification check if there is a requirement to purchase the same online. In case, the individual plans to go skiing or to take part in different high risk activities such as climbing and diving, he is to pay a much higher premium. Whatever be it, the travel insurance is definitely quite beneficial for the traveler and also a must have.

Understanding EHIC

Citizens living with the EEA region are entitled to a greater degree to avail free medical care when they travel within EEA area, including Switzerland, if they have a valid European Health Insurance Card. This card should not be actually substituted to purchase travel insurance policy.

Benefits of the card

If the individual or any of his dependants fall sick, or face unfortunate accidents while touring any of the EU country, then they can avail reduced or free cost emergency treatment when they provide a valid card.

The card has replaced form in 2006 or E111 card. Therefore, it becomes essential for the person to throw away the previous cards and order for the free EHIC. The entire process of application is very easy and quick. It needs to be understood that only the state offered emergency treatment gets covered under it, but not the medical expenses or repatriation. Therefore, it is just not the alternative for travel insurance. It would be wise on the part of the individual to avail several travel insurance, which would cover all eventualities, while offering peace of mind.

What is to be done if the card is lost during travel?

It is a common thing for people to lose things especially when in travel. They might be in a hurry to rush to some place or might not take care of their belongings, which could make them to lose essential things. There has been instances, where people unwillingly had lost their cards and were found panic stricken, especially when their beloved ones have fallen sick and they had come with a short budget that is inadequate to meet the high expenses of the medical professionals or hospitals in that country of visit.

If the European Health Insurance Card gets lost or stolen, if the person is in UK, then it is possible to avail a replacement card just by dialing the number 0300 330 1350. But if the person is abroad at the time of this unfortunate incident, then he needs to apply for PRC (Provisional Replacement Certificate). It would provide him with similar coverage as that of the original one, until he returns home. Also, others can apply the PRC on his behalf.

For getting the PRC, the following details are to be provided like Name, Address, Date of Birth, NHS or National Insurance Number.

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