Get Your Teeth In Perfect Shape, Hassle-Free And Affordably!

Too Old For Dental Braces: Adults, Listen Up! Get Your Teeth In Perfect Shape, Hassle-Free And Affordably!

It is awkward enough wearing dental braces as a teenager, but when you are an adult, awkward is, well, an understatement. I mean, a 30-something year old with a row of metal dental braces is not exactly the picture of professionalism especially in the cut-throat corporate world. But then again, neither are misaligned teeth.

As a matter of fact, where in the past children and teenagers made the majority of dental patients (cavities and all that), adults have now become the majority of the clients at dentist offices. Looks are a big deal nowadays, and your smile plays a big part in your looks, in two ways:

  • The shape and structure of your teeth greatly affects your facial appearance (and ahem! general attractiveness).
  • The shape of your smile affects your confidence so that even if it does not affect other people, your presentation may not inspire much confidence in others.

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The increased adult patients is also due to the fact that orthodontics has taken great strides in the last few years so that it can be said that it is no longer too late to get that perfect smile you have always wanted. It may also not just be about aesthetics. Misaligned teeth can cause increased chances of plaque buildup, periodontal and gum diseases due to increased food buildup in the teeth. This moves your dentist appointment from a ‘want’ to a ‘need’ with regard to fixing those misaligned teeth and other kinds of skeletal malocclusions.

So how do you get these perfect teeth without the traditional braces? Invisalign dental braces. These are nearly invisible removable dental aligners, made of clear plastic and are custom-made. They gradually realign your teeth in a comfortable way that guarantees that you will not have to suffer the discomfort and possible pain associated with traditional dental braces (pressure, mouth sores, difficult cleaning, etc.).

This is what you can expect in the treatment process with the invisalign braces. First, the dentist takes an impression of your teeth to ascertain that the invisalign system is the best for your dental issue. Thereafter, your dentist will develop a treatment plan suited perfectly to your teeth and the projected movements expected of each tooth throughout the entire process using a virtual 3D system. This gives you a glimpse of what to expect in a play-by-play manner and it ensures that the plan in customized to your specific issues, right down to each tooth.

The development of the aligners then happens from a combination of the impressions taken and the 3D generated treatment plans. Customization of each set is necessary to achieve the expected results as per the treatment plan, which will assure you of the intended overall outcome. Changing of the sets is usually after two weeks intervals of increased alterations to ensure your teeth will be moving gradually but consistently towards the final position.

In between the sets, you will be seeing your dentist and you can further customize the entire treatment plan to suit your lifestyle, dental issue and goals.


If you need to get an invisalign Derby has various orthodontists that can provide high quality treatment at an affordable price.

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