Beauty FAQ: Common beauty questions answered

Beauty FAQ: Common beauty questions answered

Common Beauty Questions Answered by Herbalife Skin Care Expert: Paulo GiacomoniWe all want to know how to attain flawless skin. Since some of these questions are similar, I’ve compiled a list of the top skin care questions I hear all the time!

Meet Paolo Giacomoni, PhD, Vice President, Research & Development, Skincare for Herbalife as well as a Brazilian expert in global skin care needs. He has extensive experience in researching and developing skin care products and holds a PhD. in biochemistry from the University of Paris IV. He’s graciously offered to share his beauty expertise so that we can all live life beautifully! 

Jacquie Carter: I love helping people break bad habits! What are some of the most common skin care mistakes or bad habits you see?

Paolo Giacomoni, PhD: Being in the sun is the skin’s worst enemy! The first evidence of how harmful the sun is to skin was discovered when a comparison of a sailor’s skin to a nun’s skin was made. Overtime sailors had extreme exposure to the sun whereas nuns’ skin was generally covered. It was then discovered that the sun causes skin damage.

Another mistake I see is people not paying attention to their own skin. Aging is an accumulation of damage, it doesn’t happen overnight. Environmental factors and bad habits cause skin damage. This includes wind, sun, cigarette smoke, and alcohol to name a few.

Jacquie Carter: Can you tell us some lesser-known skin care tips that people can incorporate into their daily lives?

Paolo Giacomoni, PhD: There are a lot of tips that we know, but we just don’t put them into practice. Good hygiene is the first step to healthy skin. Nasty bacteria can thrive on skin and provoke inflammation (many times in the form of blemishes). Cleansing and exfoliating is three quarters of the sum to keeping your skin in good shape.

The final part is intelligent protection. Think of your skin as a barrier between you and the elements. So it makes sense to look after your skin: protect it can care for it with a consistent skin care regime. The enzymes found in skin cells work to provide protection. It’s important that your skin has a good hydration balance in order to allow enzymes to do their job.

Beauty FAQ: Common Beauty Questions Answered by our Skin Care ExpertJacquie Carter: What are some of your best anti-aging tips?

Paolo Giacomoni, PhD:  Before we talk about anti-aging, let’s talk about aging. Aging is the accumulation of damage over time. I’ll relate this to a story… Suppose I bought an antique table. At the time it was made it was in pristine condition but it was neglected and somehow wood worms started biting away at it from the inside. You can’t see the damage right away. Then one day, the table collapses because of the invisible damage.

The same story can be applied in real life when it comes to caring for your skin and spending time in the sun. You won’t see damage right away, but over time, the invisible damage becomes visible.

You can’t prevent your skin from aging, but you can combat some of the factors that stress the skin by applying antioxidants, vitamin B3, sunscreen, and mild exfoliation.

Jacquie Carter: Here’s a question I hear all the time. Acne scars undermine many peoples confidence so do you have any easy tips?

Paolo Giacomoni, PhD: First and foremost, go and see a dermatologist. For details on caring for acne scars, it’s always good to seek out a professional who can give you one-on-one advice.

When looking for at-home products, search for ones that are known to reduce the appearance of scars. Some of these include ones with niacinamide, a derivative of vitamin B3.

Jacquie Carter: And to stay on the same subject, do you have any advice on how to deal with active acne?

Paolo Giacomoni, PhD:  Acne is a big topic in skin care. Half the population has acne at some point. The origins of acne aren’t well understood, so there are many ways to treat it. Some of the known causes of acne include hormonal imbalances, sebum overproduction, stress and bacteria.

One thing I would advise is that if you have acne, you must care for your skin. If your acne is severe, consult a dermatologist. If you have occasional pimples, then try a topical treatment using products marketed as acne treatments but be careful to avoid exposing the surrounding area as this can aggravate your skin and make acne appear far worse. Remember that anti-acne products are over-the-counter drugs and must be taken according to their indications.  I also have a simple but difficult tip: avoid touching or squeezing pimples!

One mistake I often see when it comes to acne is that people tend to believe that skin with active acne is either dry or oily. Generally speaking, people with acne have combination skin with areas of dry skin and areas of oily skin on their face.


Thank you Paolo! We’ve just brushed the surface here but I love combining our knowledge and helping our readers tackle their skincare troubles.

Do you have a skin care FAQ you’d like answered? Let us know in the comments section!

Written by beauty expert, Jacquie Carter. Jacquie is Director of Outer Nutrition at Herbalife.

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Beauty FAQ: Common beauty questions answered

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