How to get in shape & look great for a big event

How to get in shape & look great for a big event

How to get in shape & look great for a big event | Herbalife fitness adviceDo you need to get in shape for a big event? Let me show you how! Wanting to look good at an event can be just the motivation you need to get fit. Whether you have a new job, a big holiday, or a milestone anniversary, a big event might be just the impetus you need. And, what bigger event is there than a wedding?

It’s been so great to help Betty, our real reader, develop a wedding workout plan, because I know how many people share her feeling. We’ve all wanted to whip ourselves into shape for a big event. And so many of us can identify with her story of once being fit and active – until life got in the way! So, whether you’re looking for a wedding workout, a way to drop baby weight, or you’re just looking to make healthy changes in your life, read on – this post can help!

Post-baby, pre-wedding fitness makeover plan

Betty is getting married in a few weeks but is struggling with her body image, weight and fitness. She has a toddler and is trying to find a way to manage her little girls needs, and her own. The oh-so-familiar cycle of baby weight + busy life + weight gain combined with longing to get back to her pre-baby body is a part of Betty’s story that I can personally identify with. Getting back into shape post-baby is an incredible challenge for anyone, myself included!

It’s an unavoidable fact of life that, along with pregnancy, comes baby weight. Then once the baby comes, there’s hardly any time to work out … then, on top of that, throw an upcoming wedding into the mix and tell me you don’t feel like eating a few cookies to relieve the stress.

Today, I’m excited because I get to pull from my personal experience to help Betty look and feel great for her special day. I’ve created a wedding workout and de-stressing plan. More importantly, my advice is designed to help Betty (and anyone reading this) to develop healthy lifelong habits. It’s time to stop wishing, stop worrying, and get to work! Here’s my fabulous post-baby, pre-wedding workout plan.

To make it fun, my four fitness beliefs fall into into what I call the D.R.E.S.S plan:

D: De-stress

De-stressing is crucial because stress can cause weight gain, lack of confidence, depression, and negative thoughts. The hard thing is, how do you de-stress when you are raising a child, living a busy life, planning a wedding and feeling not at your best? It’s actually not as difficult as you might think. Every day, simply tell yourself that you have a dream and a plan to see that dream through. These two things together should help you realize that you are totally in control.

When I had my triplets, feeling overwhelmed all the time caused me to become stressed out. But, when I decided to start taking a little mommy time and focus on myself for a few minutes each day, I would always feel better – and Betty will, too!

R: Relax:

Do you remember being a kid in school on the day before a big project was due? If you were anything like me, you probably put off your project to finally clean your bedroom or help mom with the laundry to avoid doing the work! The funny thing is, a lot of us still engage in this sort of behavior. Just remember, if you want to get results you need to be focused on your priorities. Betty has three priorities for the next few weeks: Taking care of her family, taking care of herself, and finishing up any wedding plans. Any of her other projects can wait, and the same goes for all of my readers.

Painting, sorting or house cleaning waiting to be done? You have permission to put those off until your self-improvement habits are well in development. It’s human nature to immerse yourself in other projects, hoping that your main issue will somehow fix itself. Instead of falling prey to this trap, take my advice and forget about housework and focus on self-improvement. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself!

E: Enlist a support team:

“It takes a village!” In Betty’s case, whether it’s her maid of honor, her mom, or her soon-to-be husband, she must enlist them onto her team and ask for support.

It’s very hard to be motivated and consistent by yourself. My advice to Betty and others is to tell people you trust about your plans and have them find ways they can be both physically and emotionally supportive over the next few weeks.

S: Sweat:

By sweat I have two meanings: I want Betty to push herself in her pre-wedding workouts until she is out of breath and sweating – that’s one of the easiest ways to tell that you’re burning calories!  I also want her to not sweat the small stuff in her everyday life. During workouts, it’s important to be mentally present and “in the now.” I believe that one focused and conscious squat is better than 10 unconscious ones, so forget about your to-do list during your workout time and concentrate on maximizing your results.

S: Simplicity:

There is no need to attempt a complicated exercise plan or undergo radical dietary restrictions. All it takes to begin developing healthy habits is an awareness of your choices in everyday life. I want Betty to focus on making the best health decisions she possibly can with the advice Susan, Jacquie and I have given her. By accepting that making the best choices for her body is now a part of her everyday life, Betty will have a hard time skipping her pre-wedding workouts!


Create your perfect ‘Wedding Workout Plan’ with a selection of workout videos

There’s a reason that fitness videos are popular. No matter what your size or fitness level, it seems like there is something out there for everyone. Betty is off to a great start, so I wanted to give her some specific pre-wedding workouts she can do at home with minimal equipment and time. Since she hasn’t been very active in a while, it’s best that she ease into fitness by combining some of the following videos into a wedding workout routine for at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week.

Video: Core Ab Workout
Why: Improving the core after having a baby is essential to improve posture and regain muscle tone and control.

Video: Stretch Workout
Why: Since adding exercise into Betty’s normally less-active schedule can leave muscles feeling tight and sore, it’s important to soothe them. Stretching is also great for stress relief.

Video: Total Body Conditioning Workout
Why: Performing strength-based moves in an interval style is great for building muscle and burning fat.

Video: Glute Blasting Workout
Why: Betty has sore knees, so this routine is great because it’s low impact while still working on lower body strength and toning the booty to look great in a dress!

Video: Upper Body Workout
Why: Many dresses reveal the upper body, so toning the upper body is important to Betty. Lifting weights will also help prevent her from getting tired after picking up her little bundle of joy.

Betty needs to go at her own pace and try to keep moving throughout the whole workout. If she feels out of breath and wants to take a break, I recommend marching on the spot until she feels ready to continue.

A little extra activity never hurts

I’m also encouraging Betty to add as many little active things as she can throughout the day. This includes activities such as taking the stairs, walking as much as possible, and trying to prevent stressed-out snacking by doing 20 reps of an exercise before hitting the fridge. Exercise helps release endorphins in the same way certain foods activate them, so Betty might get the feel-good kick she needs in a healthy way that doesn’t involve taking in excess calories. I personally used this diversion technique every day when I was working off the baby weight and called it my “kitchen fix”! I kept weights in my kitchen until my stress eating finally declined and I started to see results.

Between my wedding workout plan, Susan’s nutrition advice, and Jacquie’s beauty tips, Betty is well on her way to a great new life. With a positive approach and dedication, I truly believe anyone can positively impact their health and their dress size, no matter where they start!

I can’t wait to find out how our real reader gets on with her plan! And if you have questions, tips for Betty, or want to share your own words of encouragement, please leave a comment below!

Written by Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA. Samantha is Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife.

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How to get in shape & look great for a big event

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